About us

A professional cooperation partner since 2012. We manufacture finger-jointed laminated timber panels, wooden components for windows and doors manufacturers and staircase elements. Our main partners are furniture, window and door manufacturers and wood shops. We also serve smaller wood shops with special orders. All products are manufactured based on the clients’ specification. We only use slow grown Nordic pine for raw material which ensures the exceptionally good quality and durability of our products.

Our aim is to serve as the best partner for our clients who can always be relied on – from the perspective of the quality and price offered by us, as well as timely completion of orders. Nevertheless, we always be as flexible as possible when accepting new orders and take into consideration the client’s wishes, to ensure maximum cost efficiency for our Customers in processing our products.

Customers who make their products from our products can be confident that they will get the best quality for their products

We support sport

We are supporting the Arukyla Volleyball Club in the seasons of 2018/2019/2020.